Carbon Graphic Brushes - St Marys Carbon


We manufacture high-quality brushes to meet a wide range of OEM and aftermarket applications for a variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Mining, Power Generation, Printing & Paper, Renewable Energy and Transportation. Our brushes are made from the entire range of our customized grades in order to meet the specific demands and applications of our customers.

Automotive Brushes

Our carbon graphite automotive brushes are used for both OEM and aftermarket applications, including light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, as well as motorcycle applications. We offer plain brushes or complete brush assemblies to meet your specific needs.

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Industrial Brushes

Our carbon graphite industrial brushes are used for both the OEM and aftermarket motor applications. This includes light and heavy duty equipment, power generation (e.g., turbines), rail systems, material handling equipment, elevators, appliances, power tools and a variety of other applications requiring electrical transmission.

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