Carbon Graphite Applications

Certain carbon graphite applications: rail systems, power generation, etc. require improved characteristics than standard carbon graphite grades. Our proprietary mixes of carbon and metal graphite have unique performance characteristics particularly suited for dynamic applications. We also offer lead-free and ROHS-compliant grades to meet both your electrical and environmental requirements.

Below are the key products that are used within this application. However, this is not an exhaustive list and we are a custom manufacturer, so if you have any questions or needs outside of these products, please contact us directly.

Electrical Transmission

Certain electrical transmission applications, e.g., rail systems, power generation, require increased electrical characteristics than our standard carbon graphite grades. We have developed specific carbon graphite grades that are capable of transmitting varying degrees of electrical current. Our proprietary mixes of carbon and metal graphite have unique performance characteristics particularly suited for dynamic electrical transmission applications.

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Dry Running / Self Lubricating

A common thread through our carbon graphite products is their inherent self-lubrication properties and dry running capability which enable their use in a variety of dynamic applications by reducing the friction as well as the wear of our product and the surface against. This also means our products are capable of running without outside lubricants (e.g., oil), which allows our products to be used in sanitary environments.

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High Temperatures

Our high temperature grades are developed specifically to withstand extremely high temperatures while maintaining high strength. Where other materials would break down or cause damage to your equipment in these conditions, our products are designed to prevent decomposition and welding to outside surfaces.

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Low Temperatures

For environments involving extremely low temperatures, e.g., Aerospace, our products will withstand these temperatures while maintaining their key characteristics (e.g., wear, high strength). Certain other non-carbon materials will seize when the temperature falls below a certain temperature and cause equipment failure; however, we provide certain grades specially designed to run without failure in these environments.

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Corrosive & Harsh Environments

Our grades are able to be used in a variety of corrosive and harsh environments while resisting decomposition or degradation of the materials. This makes our products ideal for a variety of applications where other materials may fail or need to be replaced frequently.

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High Friction

As our carbon grades are dry-running / self-lubricating, this allows our products to withstand varying degrees of friction and they are particularly beneficial in high friction environments. In dynamic applications, the properties of our grades will drastically reduce the wear of both of our product and the surface that it runs against without the use of outside lubricants.

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Sanitary Environments

When an application requires sanitary conditions, e.g., food & beverage, medical, our products are the ideal solution. Their self-lubricating properties do not require any outside lubricants to be used, and they resist degradation in both corrosive and high temperature environment, which means the product itself will not contaminate any external products or materials.

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Submerged / Marine Environments

Certain applications require our product to operate underwater, both freshwater and saltwater. We have specific grades that are able to be used in these conditions as they are resistant to decomposition and failure even when used in the harsher saltwater environment.

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High Altitude

When our products will be operating at high altitudes, e.g., Aerospace, we develop these using our proprietary grades for these specific instances. This application has unique demands (e.g., extreme temperatures, high pressure, high friction) that is suited to a variety of our grades. We are also AS9100 certified which attests that our products are rigorously tested and quality-controlled to the high standards that is required for these types of applications.

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