Babbitt-Impregnated Carbon Graphite

Carbon/Graphite and Graphite Materials are inherently porous after the material processing.  It is common to impregnate these materials with a Resin or Metal to:

  • Increase the Strength,
  • Increase the Thermal Conductivity,
  • Reduce the Resistivity,
  • Reduce the Porosity, and/or
  • Impart Impermeability.

Babbitt metals are a class of alloys dominant in either Tin (Sn) or Lead (Pb) also containing Antimony (Sb), Copper (Cu), and/or Arsenic (As). The alloys were originally developed for “cast-in-place” capability and it is non-galling characteristic.  Because of the low melting point Babbitt impregnated Carbon/Graphite or Graphite components offers a more cost effective solution.

Some end-users experience that certain metals in alloys such as a Leaded Babbitt can improve the friction and wear characteristics of the Carbon/Graphite or Graphite Component.  While this beneficiation may be actual, we have not seen this effect in laboratory testing.

Babbitt alloys generally melt in the range of 433 oF (223 oC) to 479 oF (248 oC)   which significantly constrains its application temperature limits as the Seal Face or Bearing Surface can be significantly above the process temperature.

Custom Components & Parts

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Mechanical Seals

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Bearings / Bushings

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