Leading Carbon Graphite Manufacturing Times

We understand that our customers need their products fast, so we have undertaken significant measures to drastically improve our delivery lead times. We are constantly working to ensure your products are on-time, every time

Expedited Services – When you need your order ASAP, we will work with you to find a solution. Our Product Development and Operations teams have developed specific processes to complete rush orders in the most efficient time possible.

  • Expedite Quotes and Product Development
  • Utilize Carbon Material Blank or Finished Product Inventory
  • Prioritize Orders through Production
  • Expedite Shipping

Inventory Management – Allow us to manage your inventory and take the uncertainty out of the equation. We will work closely with you to come up with a solution to have your forecasted parts for the year (or any period of time you choose) ready for you within your requested delivery timeline.

  • Reduce Inventory-Carrying Costs
  • Decrease Expedited Order Costs
  • Shorten Product Lead Times
  • Eliminate Product Shortages and Stock-outs
  • Increase Overall Business Efficiency

If you want your order to be our priority, please fill-out a contact form or contact us directly at 814-781-7333 or [email protected]