About St Marys Carbon – Your Carbon Graphite Manufacturing Company

St. Marys Carbon has been an industry leader in carbon graphite production since its inception in 1939. Throughout our history, our line of carbon graphite, electro-graphite, resin bonded graphite, and metal graphite products have been meeting our clients’ application needs. We’ve developed a reputation for being a trusted provider of customized engineered solutions. Our highly skilled craftsmen relentlessly pursue perfection and our delivery times are second to none.

Through a partnership of Jerome E. Lanzel, Sr. and Louis W. Eberl, St. Marys Carbon Company was created in 1939. The company was registered on April 27, 1939, at the Elk County Courthouse in Ridgway, PA. Our first carbon plate was molded in September of that year.

1941 – First major expansion

1942 – Production dedicated to World War II defense

1947 – Company incorporated under the name St. Marys Carbon Company, Inc.

1952 – Production of powder metal bearings begin

Jerome E. Lanzel, Sr. – Founder of St Marys Carbon Company
Jerome E. Lanzel, Sr. – Founder of St Marys Carbon Company



1965 – Powder metal production facility constructed in Galeton, PA

1989 – 50-year celebration

1992 – Purchase of Stackpole SPR unit and incorporated as US Resistor, Inc.

1993 – Constructed US Resistor facility in St. Marys

1996 – Purchase of American Carbon and consolidated product line at St. Marys, PA

1997 – Achieved ISO Certification

2001 – St. Marys Carbon of Mexico opened

2002 – Purchase of Cradin Industries and consolidated dryer bearing assemblies product line

2011 – Expanded Mexico operation to a larger facility, doubling its manufacturing capability

2012 – Moved automotive aftermarket product line to Mexico facility

2013 – Rebranded the company with a new logo, tagline, and website, thus reflecting on the current operation

2014  –  Achieved AS/EN/JISQ 9100:2009 Certification

2014  –  Receives 2014 Governor’s Impact Award

2018 – Achieved AS9100D/EN9100:2016/JISQ9100:2016

Our first carbon plate molded on April 27, 1939.
Our first carbon plate molded on April 27, 1939.


St. Marys Carbon Company (St. Marys, PA) – Founded in 1939

Products / Applications: Mechanical (Bearings, Bushings, Seal Rings, Turbine Rings) & Electrical (Contacts, Collector Shoes)Industries Served: Fluid Handling, Aerospace, Extreme Temperature / Chemical Applications, Transportation Systems, Extreme Environmental Conditions

Aerial View of St. Mary’s Carbon

Catalus Corporation (St. Marys, PA and Galeton, PA) – Established in 1965

Products / Applications: Precision Powder Metals Parts
Industries Served: Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Marine Power, Industrial Motors


U.S. Resistor, Inc. (St. Marys, PA) – Established in 1992

Products / Applications: Ceramic & Organic Industrial Resistors
Resistors Used In: Surge Protectors, Circuit Breakers; Lightning Arrestors, Wind Power; Medical Applications