Carbon Graphite Materials

Carbon Graphite material

We take great pride in the fact that we are one of the few carbon graphite companies across the world to make our own customized grades. Each grade is made in-house by our specialized craftsmen based on over 75 years of experience in the carbon graphite industry. We manufacture proprietary composite materials and discrete components for both static and dynamic applications.  

These components can be manufactured in segments or as monoliths, and our manufacturing methods range from fully machined tight tolerance to net shape manufacturing to reduce cost for high volume applications. 

Custom Carbon Graphite Properties

As a custom carbon graphite manufacturer, we are able to modify our grades or production processes or even develop new grades and processes to meet your specific needs. These materials are developed to provide unique characteristics to meet a variety of application requirements: 

 Coatings & Treatments 

To ensure our carbon graphite materials achieve the specific properties necessary for your application, we rely on a variety of treatments and coatings, as well as different baking methods. 

Treatments and coatings are useful when adding properties to the material, or when enhancing existing properties. We commonly use coatings such as Teflon™, pyrolytic carbon or pyrolytic graphite, silicon carbide, and diamond or diamond-like coatings. 

Once the carbon graphite materials are molded, baking is necessary. Baking is an essential part of the process because, at this point, the powders are being held together by the binder, but the material does not yet have the desired strength. Our baking methods carbonize the binder, resulting in a strong carbon graphite material.  

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