Carbon Graphite Product Manufacturing

We are one of the very few carbon companies across the world to develop and mix our own carbon grades. This allows us to customize any of our existing products or develop new products to meet the needs of your specific industry and application.We don’t simply machine a product to a different specification; we are able to alter the base materials and physical properties of our products to make them ideal for your needs.


We manufacture high-quality brushes to meet a wide range of OEM and aftermarket applications for a variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Mining, Power Generation, Printing & Paper, Renewable Energy and Transportation. Our brushes are made from the entire range of our customized grades in order to meet the specific demands and applications of our customers.

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Silver Dot™ Dryer Bearings

Silver Dot Dryer & Hanger Bearings are patented and exclusively manufactured by St. Marys Carbon. Silver Dot Dryer Bearings are made with the globally recognized 224 carbon graphite grade to be the highest-quality, longest-lasting bearings in the industry. We offer both plain bearings and full assemblies for every type of gypsum, veneer and insulation board dryers, as well as other dryer applications as requested.

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ARC™ Electrical Contacts

Our electrical contacts (or collector shoes) are used in a wide variety of electrical and motion applications and industries, including Automotive, Construction, Industrial, Mining, Power Generation and Transportation. Key benefits of our proprietary materials include anti-welding/melting, high conductivity, self-lubricating, low friction and the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

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We custom manufacture many sizes of carbon graphite bearings and bushings used in a variety of support and motion applications. We offer many different types of bearings, including radial, axial/thrust and sleeve, especially beneficial in any type of dry-running, harsh (e.g., high temperature, chemically corrosive) and sanitary environments.

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Mechanical Seal Faces

Mechanical Seal Rings

St. Marys Carbon custom manufactures a variety of carbon graphite mechanical seal rings, including blank stock, impregnated, non-polished, machined and polished. Each of our seals are manufactured from our highest quality carbon graphite, electrographite, and resin-bonded graphite to meet the demands of your application.

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Hot Glass Handling

We manufacture a wide range of hot glass handling products used in the manufacture of glass components for a wide variety of industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Industrial, Medical and Pharmaceutical. Our grades will not check, adhere to, stain or otherwise damage the glass during the manufacturing process and can be used in contamination-free environments.

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Rotors & Vanes

We manufacture rotors & vanes from our proprietary grades that are required for the unique environments in which rotors & vanes are used. Our rotors & vanes are used in a variety of applications and diverse industries, including Aerospace, Chemical, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Medical, Plastics and Printing & Paper.

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HALO™ Series Turbine & Compressor Rings

Our HALO turbine & compressor rings are widely recognized within both the OEM and aftermarket industries. We are the preferred supplier of many major turbine and compressor manufacturers, and they are used in a variety of industries, including Aerospace, Chemical, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Renewable Energy and Steel.

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Wear Plates & Graphite Plugs

Our wear plates are most commonly used in screening equipment for a variety of applications and industries, including Agriculture, Environmental, Construction, Mining and Power Generation. Our graphite plugs are largely used to provide lubrication in industrial and manufacturing processes.

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Custom Components & Parts

We develop parts that are customized to each of our customer’s specific application requirements. Our unique technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise allows us to customize parts within our existing product line or as part of our new product development.

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Carbon Material Blanks

We manufacture blank stock of each of our carbon grades, carbon graphite, electrographite, resin-bonded graphite and metal graphite. These are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes to suit many final applications. Our customers largely use these to machine final end products at their own facility.

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