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Silver Dot Dryer Bearings

Silver Dot™… We Don’t Set the Standard;

We Are the Standard!

Silver Dot dryer bearings, manufactured from grade 224, are globally recognized and offer the industry’s highest quality and longest lasting bearings. Silver Dot is exclusively manufactured by St. Marys Carbon, so when performance matters, rely on a product and company you can trust.

Plain Half & Whole Bearings

Our Silver Dot plain bearings come as both a whole bearing and a half bearing in order to fit your specific dryer and assembly.

Bearings with Assemblies

Our Silver Dot bearings are also available as a complete assembly to provide you with one source for all of your dryer bearing needs. We offer assemblies for every dryer type. Our main assembly types are listed below.

  • WFA
  • AKI
  • CDLs, including Jacketed, Bucktooth
  • Pillow Block
  • Doorpost
  • Horseshoe
  • Flush Mounts
  • 90 Degree
  • Vertical
  • Football
  • Veneer & Lynloc
  • Miscellaneous

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Key Advantages of St. Marys Carbon Silver Dot™ Dryer & Hanger Bearings:

In addition to our patented materials that make Silver Dot last longer than any other dryer bearing on the market, below are other key properties of Silver Dot bearings:


Silver Dot bearings are self-lubricating, meaning that a separate lubricant is not required, which allows them to be used in both dry-running and sanitary applications.

High Thermal Conductivity

Our Silver Dot materials allow for heat exchange, which will prevent overheating and most importantly will not cause damage to your equipment.

Low Friction / Wear

The self-lubricating properties of Silver Dot Bearings will greatly reduce the amount of friction and wear during operation, significantly reducing maintenance time, replacement and equipment damage.

Stability at High Temperatures

Our proprietary mix of carbon graphite is able to withstand extreme temperatures, which allows Silver Dot bearings to be used in a variety of harsh environments while still maintaining performance and increasing your equipment’s uptime.


Our proprietary mix of carbon graphite resists chemical degradation of the surface material, allowing Silver Dot bearings to last longer even in harsh environments.


As our Silver Dot bearings can withstand high temperatures, they are resistant to melting or welding to your equipment during operation, allowing your equipment to run longer and perform better.

Unmatched Quality and Service

We take great pride in the quality of our Silver Dot products and the service that each of our Silver Dot customers receive. In fact, we are so confident that we offer product and service guarantees that no other dryer bearing manufacturer can match:

Two-Year Bearing Guarantee

We guarantee two years of failure-free uptime in your dryers. If any bearing does not meet this standard, we will replace it free of charge and help to identify the problem to make sure all future bearings live up to the Silver Dot name.

Unmatched Delivery Times

We understand that at many times you need your bearings ASAP, so with St. Marys Carbon, we guarantee that you receive your bearings on-time, every time. In fact, we promise Next Day Delivery on all bearing orders for our qualified customers.

If you want to become a qualified customer or test 12 FREE bearings in your dryers, visit our Silver Dot Challenge page or contact us directly.

Customized Bearings for Every Dryer Type

Silver Dot bearings are available as either a plain half-bearing, plain whole bearings or as a complete assembly. We offer bearings for every type of dryer:

  • Gypsum Dryers
  • Veneer Dryers
  • Insulation Board Dryers
  • Other Large Dryers

We have Silver Dot bearings available for the largest dryer manufacturers, including:

  • Gyptech
  • Grenzebach
  • Coe
  • AKI

Remember that we custom-design our products to fit your needs, so please contact us if you have a need outside of those listed above and we’ll work with you to find a solution.


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