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CARBON GRAPHITE Silver Dot Dryer Bearings

St. Marys Carbon manufactures the patented Silver DotTM dryer & hanger bearings for a variety of dryer sizes and applications. St. Marys Carbon Grade 224 is recognized globally and offers the industry’s highest quality and longest-lasting bearings. Silver DotTM bearings, from the blending raw materials to the finished product, are made in-house by our specialized craftsmen.


Complete Assembly

Complete Assembly

Operates in every type of dryer as Silver DotTM is available as plain whole or half bearings and as full assemblies.

High Temperature

High Temperature

Meets the demanding/harsh environments of a variety of dryers due to its stability at high temperatures.

Patented Materials

Patented Materials

Provides for the industry’s highest quality bearing as this proprietary grade is only manufactured by St. Marys Carbon.

Reduced Downtime

Reduced Downtime

Greatly decreases dryer maintenance and costs due to our two-year bearing guarantee and quality craftsmanship.

Bearings with Assemblies

Our Silver Dot bearings are also available as a complete assembly to provide you with one source for all of your dryer bearing needs. We offer assemblies for every dryer type. Our main assembly types are listed below.

  • WFA
  • AKI
  • CDLs, including Jacketed, Bucktooth
  • Pillow Block
  • Doorpost
  • Horseshoe
  • Flush Mounts
  • 90 Degree
  • Vertical
  • Football
  • Veneer & Lynloc
  • Miscellaneous


Product Details

Working Temperature

  • Minimum
    • Runs in cryogenic temperatures (no true minimum value)
  • Maximum
    • Carbon/Graphite up to 700 F
    • Electrographite up to 900 F
    • Electrographite with inorganic additives up to 1150 F
      • Other oxidation inhibitors (impregnants) up to 1200 F
    • In inert/neutral environments
      • Carbon/Graphite up to 1600 F
      • Electrographite up to 5000 F


Silver Dot bearings are available as either a plain half-bearing, plain whole bearings or as a complete assembly. We offer bearings for every type of dryer:

  • Gypsum Dryers
  • Ceiling Tile Dryers
  • Veneer Dryers
  • Insulation Board Dryers
  • Other Large Dryers

Key Markets

We have Silver Dot bearings available for the largest dryer manufacturers, including:

  • Gyptech
  • Grenzebach
  • Coe
  • AKI

Average Oxidation & Chemical Resistance

  • Carbon grades are resistant to most chemicals

Spring Pressure Range

  • Application dependent


We take great pride in the quality of our Silver Dot products and the service that each of our Silver Dot customers receive. In fact, we are so confident that we offer product and service guarantees that no other dryer bearing manufacturer can match:

  • Two-year Bearing Guarantee

We guarantee two years of failure-free uptime in your dryers. If any bearing does not meet this standard, we will replace it free of charge and help to identify the problem to make sure all future bearings live up to the Silver Dot name.

  • Unmatched Delivery Times

We understand that at many times you need your bearings ASAP, so with St. Marys Carbon, we guarantee that you receive your bearings on-time, every time. In fact, we promise Next Day Delivery on all bearing orders for our qualified customers.

Take The Silverdot Challenge

If you want to become a qualified customer or test 12 FREE bearings in your dryers, visit our Silver Dot Challenge page or contact us directly.


GradeDensity(lbs./ft.3)Flexural Strength (psi)Compressive Strength (psi)Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (µ/°F)Temperature Limit Neutral (°F)Temperature Limit Oxidizing (°F)Scleroscope HardnessApplications
224112.328,00019,0002.851,1501,15080Oven / Dryers
75106.088,10021,5002,803,00075080Oven / Dryers

How carbon graphite will make your products & parts superior

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Silver Dot Dryer Bearings Data Sheet

Data Sheet

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