carbon graphite wear plates & plugs

We create carbon graphite plates and plugs that are used in a variety of screening and manufacturing equipment. They are self-lubricating and provide for low friction making them ideal for your application, including those that require dry-running and sanitary environments.

Key Advantages of St. Marys Carbon Wear Plate & graphite Plug Products:

  • Dry-Running / Oil-less: Self-lubricating which decreases the chance of failure and allows for use in sanitary environments.
  • High Temperature Stability: Maintains high strength and runs effectively without failure at high temperatures.
  • High Thermal Conductivity: Allows for heat exchange to prevent overheating.
  • Low Friction/Wear: Chemically inert, oxidation-resistant and self-lubricating resulting in superior wear characteristics.

Custom Solutions

We have the expertise to provide you with custom solutions to fit your specific application. Have you ever encountered technical issues or questions such as the below that requires an expert’s help?

  • What do you do when you require a product with multi-functionality that cannot be met with a monolithic material?
  • How do you enhance a metallic substrate to provide multi- level lubrication properties?

This is where we provide solutions that others cannot.

As a potential customer you will have at least three concerns for a supplier:

  1. Material Portfolio
    We offer three primary grades for Lubrication Plugs & Wear Plates and a number of boutique Grades for niche applications.



    49GLonger life & Cost effective solution
    138GHighly self-lubricating material
  2. Component Manufacturing Capability
    We have in-house equipment and expertise to meet your component needs.  High Volume Pressed to Size, Low Volume Machined, and prototype samples – we have what it takes all under one roof.
  3. Supply Chain Support
    With corporate attention to Working Capital, you need a reliable supplier that not only accepts your Purchase Orders but works with you and becomes integrated into your supply chain including in some cases contracted Finished Goods Inventory or a Kanban System for appropriate SKU’s.


Our wear plates & graphite plugs are made from the following materials:

We also offer various impregnations and treatments to further fit your application needs.


Key End Products

Our Composite Multi-Modal Lubricating Products are used in a wide range of end products as listed below. Remember that we custom-design our products to fit your needs, so please contact us if you have a need outside of those below and we’ll work with you to find a solution.

  • Screeners for
    • Agriculture
    • Landscaping
    • Recycling
    • Raw Material Extraction / Breakdown
  • Manufacturing Equipment (e.g., stamping dies)

Key Markets

Our wear plates and plugs are used across a wide range of different markets, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Environmental
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Power Generation