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Carbon Graphite Material Blanks

Our carbon material blanks are made from our entire range of carbon graphite, electrographite, resin-bonded graphite and metal graphite grades. These are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes to suit many final applications. Our customers largely use these to machine final end products at their own facility.


Our carbon material blanks are made from the following materials:

We also offer various impregnations and treatments to further fit your application needs.

Type of Customized Carbon Graphite Blanks

Our carbon graphite blanks can be custom-manufactured to your specific requirements. We develop our own proprietary carbon grades, so we will work closely with you to develop the right blanks for your customized products. The type of blank that you require depends on your specific application. We provide the following options:

  • Rods
  • Slugs
  • Plates

Please contact us online or call 814.781.3333 to discuss your needs.

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Key Advantages of St. Marys Carbon Wholesale Carbon Products:

High Temperature Stability

Maintains high strength and runs effectively without failure at high temperatures.


Allows for use in dry-running/oil-less environments.

Low Friction / Wear

Chemically inert, oxidation-resistant and self-lubricating resulting in superior wear characteristics.

Good Machinability

Allows for ease in machining products and products can be machined to a high degree of precision.


Prohibits welding or melting to other surfaces.

Key End Products & Markets

high-temperatureOur customers are from numerous industries and use our carbon graphite blanks to manufacture a wide range of products. No matter your application or market, please contact us with your specific need and will work with you to find the right grade and size for your carbon blanks.

Remember that we also manufacture carbon products in-house at our facility. We have over 75 years of carbon graphite manufacturing, so you can trust us to manufacture high quality carbon products to fit your needs. Click on any of our key product segments in the right sidebar to learn more.