Carbon Graphite materials are a composite of different carbon materials and inorganic additives which have exemplary performance in demanding applications in either wet or dry applications. Carbon Graphite Materials are preferred for many different applications because of their unique combination of characteristics:

  • Low Wear and Coefficient of Friction for Tribological Applications
  • Self-Lubricating
  • High Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
  • Low Electrical Resistivity (or High Electrical Conductivity)
  • High Strength at High Temperatures
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Oxidation Resistance
  • High Young’s Modulus
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively Inexpensive

Carbon Graphite materials are porous as produced and are often impregnated or have a coating applied to impart additional characteristics such as imperviousnessincreased strength, and Thermal Conductivity.

Impregnants include: Resins, Antimony, Copper, Silver, Babbitt, Bronze and other Inorganic materials

Common Coatings include: TeflonTM, Pyrolytic Carbon or Pyrolitic Graphite, Silicon Carbide, Diamond Like and Diamond Coatings

Custom Components & Parts

Custom Carbon Graphite Components & Parts We develop parts that are customized to each of our customer’s specific application requirements. Our unique technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise allows us to customize parts within our existing product line or as part of our new product development. Our products are developed and manufactured in-house, so we can […]

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Carbon Material Blanks

Carbon Graphite Material Blanks Our carbon material blanks are made from our entire range of carbon graphite, electrographite, resin-bonded graphite and metal graphite grades. These are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes to suit many final applications. Our customers largely use these to machine final end products at their own facility. Materials […]

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Rotors and Vanes

Carbon Graphite Rotors & Vanes St. Marys Carbon manufactures Rotors & Vanes from superior carbon graphite grades for a variety of applications. Our rotors & vanes are made from specialized, proprietary materials that are required for many of the unique environments in which rotors & vanes are used. All of our rotors & vanes, from […]

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Mechanical Seals

Carbon Graphite Mechanical Seal Rings St. Marys Carbon custom manufactures a variety of seals grades to suit any application. We offer blank stock, various impregnations and have the capability to machine intricate seals with polished faces. All of our seals, from the blending of raw materials to the finished product, are made in-house by our […]

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Bearings / Bushings

Carbon Graphite Bearings & Bushings St. Marys Carbon custom manufactures many sizes, shapes and quantities of carbon graphite bearings, including Radial, Thrust and Sleeve. All of our bearings, from the blending of the raw materials to the finished product, are made in-house by our specialized craftsmen. Materials Our bearings and bushings are made from the […]

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Automotive Brushes

Carbon Graphite Automotive Brushes We are an industry leader in the carbon graphite aftermarket brush industry, as well as a supplier to major OEM manufacturers. Materials Our wear automotive brushes are made from the following materials: Carbon Graphite Electrographite Resin-Bonded Graphite We also offer various impregnations and treatments to further fit your application needs. Customized […]

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Industrial Brushes

Carbon Graphite Industrial Brushes St. Marys Carbon Brushes are manufactured from the highest quality carbon graphite, electrographite, resinbonded graphite, copper graphite, silver graphite and other metal graphite materials to suit your specific OEM or aftermarket application. All of our brushes, from the blending of raw materials to the finished product, are made in-house by our […]

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HALO™ Turbine and Compressor Rings

Carbon Graphite Turbine and Compressor Rings St. Marys Carbon manufactures HALOTM turbine & compressor rings from superior carbon graphite grades, including carbon graphite, electrographite and resin-bonded graphite for a variety of applications. St.Marys Carbon is widely recognized in this industry and is the preferred supplier for many major manufacturers. All of our turbine & compressor […]

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