As our carbon grades are dry-running / self-lubricating, this allows our products to withstand varying degrees of friction and they are particularly beneficial in high friction environments. In dynamic applications, the properties of our grades will drastically reduce the wear of both of our product and the surface that it runs against without the use of outside lubricants. The ability of our products to withstand high temperature characteristics provides even further benefits in cases where the high friction produces increased temperatures during operation.

Industrial Brushes

Carbon Graphite Industrial Brushes St. Marys Carbon is an industry leader in the aftermarket carbon graphite brushes, as well as a supplier to major OEM manufacturers. Materials Our industrial brushes are made from the following materials: Carbon Graphite Electrographite Resin-Bonded Graphite Copper Graphite Silver Graphite Other Metal Graphite We also offer various impregnations and treatments to […]

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HALO™ Turbine and Compressor Rings

Carbon Graphite Turbine and Compressor Rings Protect Your Turbines & Compressors with HALO™ Rings for Superior Protection and Performance We are a globally recognized manufacturer of both OEM and aftermarket carbon graphite turbine & compressor rings. Our HALO rings are preferred by major turbine and compressor manufacturers and are used in a variety of different […]

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